ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Horus GK2000


The Horus GK2000 utilizes Cherry MX Red mechanical switches with red LED backlight. You can choose one of five preset lighting modes to light up the keyboard, or you can fully customize the lighting yourself, each individual key can be configured so you have the power to light up all the keys or only the ones you choose! Find out more and watch the official product video here!

New BIOS for New Motherboards Released!

New versions of BIOS have been released for the following motherboards, the newest versions are also shown below. These BIOS versions include updated Intel uCode and improved stability. Be sure to download them from the official ASUS/ROG support pages on the website.  Models BIOS version Z170-PREMIUM-ASUS 1602 Z170-DELUXE-ASUS 1602 Z170-PRO-ASUS 1602 Z170-A-ASUS 1602 Z170-AR-ASUS 1602 [...]