ROG Media Relations

Complementary, not competitive!

Dear Media Friends,

First of all – don’t worry! The brand new ROG site from ASUS is not designed to compete against reviewers and bloggers for page clicks. Instead it’s will be complementary to your efforts, by filling in the gaps with information only ASUS ROG team can provide, and also linking to your incredible coverage.

For example, in addition to the unique features in areas like ROG PRO, we aim to provide background information and supporting documents about ROG products that reviewers often don’t/cannot cover. This is because ROG products are absolutely packed with features that need further detail about how to get the best from their design, and we realize media coverage focuses on benchmarking and discovering the need to buy. Since we aim our content to be supportive, please feel free to use the content we produce to support your own articles! We only ask you send us a link once you’ve published it, just for our records and potential on-site promotion.

We will never provide “reviews” here on ASUS ROG as it will undermine the honest relationship we hope to continue building with our readers; however we will support media who independently review our products by writing news articles with links to their sites and publications.

ASUS ROG is always looking to support local events in co-operative efforts with media and businesses, in the gaming and overclocking arena, as we continue our commitment to the ROG community and our partners.

Are you online or printed media and don’t know us? Say Hi!

  • Do you need a local ASUS contact that represents ROG in your region?
  • Do you have an article idea featuring ROG and need support?
  • Do you want to know technical details or need advice about ROG products?

Don’t be shy: dive in the forums and send a message to ASUS staff – we’ll do our best to help out!

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