The Rampage IV Extreme/Battelfield3 aims to fulfill PC enthusiasts’ needs towards superior performance. The Rampage IV Extreme/Battlefield3 motherboard supports the latest LGA 2011 socket for 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 and Extreme Edition Processors, and it ships with some truly revolutionary advanced features. New is the OC Key, a dongle device that allows you to monitor and adjust system settings in real-time, even while in-game without any extra software needed while the X-Socket feature allows you to keep using a LGA 1366 CPU cooler on a X79 Rampage IV Extreme/Battelfiled3 motherboard, saving you your hard earned cash. Tactical video support is available for 4-Way SLI and CrossFireX, which helps drive home the smoothest gaming experience. With great performance excellence, it’s time to dominate the Battlefield

The most formidable X79 performance board with advanced overclocking features

After ROG launched its series of Intel X58 motherboards, they were used by many world renowned overclockers to break world records by the dozens. It’s recognized not only as a high-end and leading gaming brand, but also an overclocking brand. Continuing ROG’s legendary overclocking reputation, it has launched the first X79-based motherboard – the Rampage IV Extreme. It aims to fulfill PC enthusiasts’ needs towards greater performance. The Rampage IV Extreme supports the latest LGA 2011 socket for IntelRCore™ i7 and Extreme Edition Processors, and it introduces some revolutionary overclocking features. With record breaking excellence, it’s time to rock the overclocking world again.

Extreme Engine Digi+ II

The Extreme Engine Digi+ II has been upgraded and equipped with the finest Japan-made 10K Black Metallic capacitors, while the digital VRM design allows you to achieve ultimate performance with adjustable CPU and memory power management frequencies. Precise adjustments create greater efficiency, stability, five times longer lifespan than the solid capacitor* and performance for total system control. * At operating temperature of 105°C


Don’t junk that expensive LGA1366 heatsink or LN2 container! With X-Socket, switch out the LGA2011 pad for a 1366 one and get more life out of your previous CPU cooler. > Check out more info on X-Socket compatibility and availability

OC Key™

A device that provides an on-screen graphical overlay on your monitor without the need for extra software, allowing you to tweak (OSD TweakIt) and monitor (OSD Monitor) your system’s settings in real-time.

• OSD TweakIt
Tweak the parameters of your system in real-time with a convenient graphical overlay displayed right on the screen with OSD TweakIt. It provides you with a set of critical and hardware-driven functions so you can tweak your system on-the-fly.

• OSD Monitor
Knowing information is key in any situation. Monitor the status of your system in real-time with a convenient graphical overlay displayed right on screen with OSD Monitor. It allows you to view POST codes in real-time, complete hardware status and even the readout from VGA Hotwire and Subzero Sense, all at a pure hardware level.

VGA Hotwire™

Thanks to VGA Hotwire, you won’t feel the frustration of soldering tiny resistors and blindly overvolting. Just solder the wires on the graphics card’s probing spots and then connect them with the onboard VGA

Hotwire headers. Viola! You can now accurately monitor and overvolt your graphics cards via interfaces such as OC Key, UEFI BIOS and Turbo V EVO.

Subzero Sense™

Need to know how cold your CPU and GPU are when overclocking with LN2 and don’t want to shell out cash for a costly digital thermometer? Just prepare a thermocouple cable and connect it with Subzero Sense, and find out precisely just how frosty your system is. (lowest -193°C

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