Project Hellion MK1 Mod With ASUS ROG Maximus V Gene motherboard


Some of you might have seen recent research numbers from IDC showing that the desktop computer market is slowing down quarter after quarter, but luckily for us enthusiasts these results have nothing to do with the gaming sector, which is seeing double digit growth these days. With that in mind, it does not come as a surprise that there are quite a few great mods surfacing these days, including the quite impressive Project Hellion MK1 mod based on the ASUS ROG Maximus V Gene motherboard.


New Software! How To Use ROG Exchange

Think you’re a pro tweaker? Do you want to learn what settings the Pro’s use in their BIOS? Or perhaps you just need a great foundation to a rock solid OC? Share your OC Profile with the rest of the community or download others, using ROG Exchange. For anyone from technical amateurs to OC professionals, browse through the BIOS OC Profiles to see what others have submitted, then see if their tweaks work for your system and if you can improve on them!

TRIM Now Available On RAID0 SSDs With Maximus V Motherboards

If you’re using a Rampage IV or Maximus V motherboard (or any X79 or Z77 for that matter) along with RAID0 SSDs, you can now get TRIM support by upgrading to the 11.x (currently 11.2) Intel RST drivers.

Anandtech tested the latest driver in a recent article. If you’re unsure what TRIM is and why you need it, Anandtech covers that too in the ‘Why does TRIM matter?’ section.

Source: Anandtech