How To Set Up A RamCache On ASUS X79 Series Motherboards

With the recent launch of the X79 chipset and its support for Quad Channel memory once again the debate has been raised as to what can we do with additional memory as well as how can we benefit not only from the density but the increased bandwidth. Well the answer is easy use that memory as a cache or harddisk!

As we all know a PC’s DRAM memory is considerably faster than even the fastest mechanical HD or the fastest SSD or even raid configurations of either drive type; because of this memory not only offers a huge increase in potential performance over standard storage options but also will compliment any potential storage array configuration. In addition as memory is not limited in regards to a defined bus frequency of operation ( as is SATA you can not only improve performance by using a RamDisk or RamCache but continue to increase performance by using faster memory ) Such as using DDR3 1,333 will offer great performance but moving to DDR3 1,600 will offer even high performance gains.