ASUS Announces World of Warships Exclusive Partnership

ASUS just announced an exclusive partnership with Wargaming, and is now a global gaming-hardware partner!  This means now you will receive free World of Warships in-game content, doubloons and Premium Account access the next time you purchase one of the wide range of selected ASUS gear.  You can start redeeming today, redemption period ends 20th January 2017 [...]

2013 ROG Wallpaper Competition: Vote For Your Favorite!


After a month of creativity by our awesome community, we’ve rounded up the entries to our desktop wallpaper competition – which this year totals 99 qualifying entries (50% more than last year)! We’ve had some truly fantastic entries and the ROG team here would love to thank everyone for their efforts!

See all the entries inside before you click the discussion link to vote for your 3 favorites.