Overclocking Features

Extreme Engine DIGI+ III

Extreme Engine DIGI+ III

The latest ROG digital VRM hardware features NexFETs, BlackWing chokes and 10k Black Metallic Caps with an exclusive design that can beat the 2V limit.

OC Panel

OC Panel

The merging of the OC Station and OC Key has created the OC Panel: the the overclocker’s ultimate tool!

ROG Connect

Tweak your PC via another laptop using ROG Connect.

2nd Gen T-Topology DDR3

2nd Generation T-Topology DDR3

An evolution of T-Topology DDR3 now sees memory clock speeds exceed 3GHz with Extreme OC clocks now above 4GHz.

VGA Hotwire

Wire your graphics card to motherboard and accurately monitor and overvolt your GPU via OC Panel, UEFI BIOS and Turbo V.

Subzero Sense

Plug in a K-type probe directly and read real-time temps down to -193C.


Read your voltages in real-time, anytime.

Gaming Features

Sonic Radar

Sonic Radar

A visual representation of what you hear gives gamer’s the edge, or can be used as an enabler for those hard of hearing.

SupremeFX [2013]

SupremeFX [2013]

The 2013 version of SupremeFX features on the Hero and Gene motherboards.

SupremeFX Advanced [2013]

SupremeFX Advanced [2013]

The 2013 SupremeFX Advanced is the pinnacle of motherboard audio, exceeding the performance of even some discrete sound cards.

GameFirst II and Intel GigE

GameFirst II

Smart cFosSpeed network traffic technology cuts your game ping. Now including exclusive EZ Mode and Advanced Mode.

Unique Features

mPCIe Combo II

mPCIe Combo II

Second generation mPCIe Combo card integrates faster M.2 socket for NGFF SSDs and 802.11ac WiFi bundled on some models.

CrossChill Hybrid Cooler

CrossChill Hybrid Cooler

Using air or watercooling with your own G1/4 barbs, the CrossChill hybrid cooler can drop temps up to 23C

ROG Armor

ROG Armor

The new ROG Armor features a strong SECC steel rear brace and heatsink, along with a PCB hiding front cover to make the most attractive board ever.



Allocate a portion of your memory to become a storage drive an see performance increase dramatically


Updated in 2013, new features include Secure Erase, Last Modified list and ROG Pulse.

USB BIOS Flashback

USB BIOS Flashback is the simplest and most fail-safe method of (UEFI) BIOS updating possible. You don’t even need a CPU installed; only the ATX power is required.

Previous Generation Features

OC Key

An on-screen graphical overlay allowing you to tweak (OSD TweakIt) and monitor (OSD Monitor) your system’s settings in real-time.

Extreme Engine DIGI+ I and II

The digital VRM design and 10K Black Metallic caps can achieve incredible CPU and memory performance.

T-Topology for DDR3

T-Topology DDR3 design improves the overclocking margin by eliminating clock skew


Switch out the LGA2011 mounting for LGA1366 and get more life out of your previous CPU cooler.

Hybrid Thermal Solution

World’s first hybrid air and water cooling thermal design


USB sound device for consoles and PCs. Includes headphone amping and ENC.

SupremeFX IV

Amped For Perfect Audio

SupremeFX III

Crystal Clear Audio For Gamers

GameFirst I and Intel GigaE

Frag without lag! Prioritize your network traffic for gaming and get the best performance from Intel LAN.

mPCIe Combo Card

This unique augmentation port allows both mini-PCIe and mSATA SSD upgrades via a single Combo card

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