ROG Innovations

Technology For Gamers and Overclockers

Notebook Innovations

G750 ROG gaming notebooks are inspired by strong, sharp and sleek lines and matt finish of stealth fighter aircraft. It provides the impression of a notebook packing enormous power, without the need to brag about it.

Motherboard Innovations

Extreme Engine DIGI+ III Republic of Gamers motherboards are famed for their exclusive innovations and technologies that give PC gamers and overclockers the edge. The following is a list of current technologies employed on ROG motherboards.

Graphics Innovations

Direct CU ASUS' DirectCU cooling technology benefits not only the ROG series Matrix, ARES and MARS, but also all the way down through every model with the suffix 'DirectCU'.

Sound Innovations

Bass Eye ROG takes sound seriously. Its innovations range from motherboard enhancements such as SupremeFX, to gaming headsets such as the Orion and Vulcan series, to headphone amping in its G series notebooks.

Peripheral Innovations

GX1000 ROG peripherals such as the GX1000 mouse will augment your PC gaming system to give you the complete ROG gaming experience!
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