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ROG Ranger BC1002 Crossbody Bag

ROG Ranger BC1002 cross-body bag featuring multiple pockets, water-repellent zip and lightweight design

  • Made with water-repellent and lightweight ripstop nylon fabric
  • Water-repellent zipper on main pocket for better protection
  • External pockets for quick access to contents

ROG Ranger BC1002

The ROG Ranger BC1002 crossbody bag is made with lightweight, water-repellent materials, with multiple pockets to keep your gear safe and organized in any weather. With an adjustable shoulder strap and snap hook, just sling ROG Ranger BC1002 across your chest and go!

Water-repellent exterior

Ranger BC1002 crossbody bag is made of lightweight, water-repellent ripstop nylon fabric that keeps your gear dry in bad weather.

Keep your gear organized

The main compartment has two internal net pockets to keep your wallet and other valuables safe and secure. Two external pockets keep everyday items like your phone within easy reach.

Adjustable shoulder strap and snap hook

The adjustable shoulder straps are connected via swivel snap hooks, so you'll never have to wrestle with twisted straps.

ROG Cyberpunk

Ranger BC1002 sports a different look from other ROG bags. With a bold, edgy design and a large ROG Cyberpunk patch, it exudes the spirit of Cyberpunk.

ROG Cyberpunk represents a futuristic, technologically advanced culture with a unique attitude and style. Step into the future with Cyberpunk.


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