Birth of a Legend

ARES comes from the Greek god of war, a fierce character noted for battle-hardened dedication. The ARES graphics card, continuing the legacy of its NVIDIA-based peer MARS, evokes this image, charging ahead loaded for bear and never giving up the fight no matter how demanding the game. Ordinary packaging wouldn’t cut it with this mythological card – so we went all out, creating a unique look and feel that begins the hardcore experience right at the moment of purchase.

King of Performance

Dual Radeon HD5870 cores running at 850MHz, optimize their joint performance for up to 32% better than reference performance.

Ultimate Cooling

A 100mm fan pushes six times the air mass described by reference for ultimate cooling. 2 outsized oxygen-free, all-copper heatsinks , no less than eight 8mm promise superlative cooling.
Media Recommendations
Hothardware [ USA/Jul, 08, 2010 ] "Asus ARES is the fastest graphics card we have ever tested." Neoseeker [ USA/Jul, 08, 2010 ] "The custom made cooling solution used on the ARES was equally amazing! It kept both cores very cool and even during the most demanding applications the card was always under the 80°C mark." Hexus [ UK/Jul, 08, 2010 ] "One of the most desirable graphics cards ever launched." PC Perspective [ USA/Jul, 07, 2010 ] "We can't emphasize enough how impressed we are with the ASUS engineering team that they were able to manage the power requirements and design a PCB capable of holding two full-size Cypress chips as well as 4GB of memory running at these speeds."
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