RGB all the things: the ROG Ranger backpack has RGB and can charge your devices

Jan 07, 2019 Written by:ROG Article

We here at ROG are firmly on Team RGB, and we take our customizable LEDs very seriously. Colorful lighting illuminates everything from our keyboards, mice, and headsets to our motherboards, monitors, and coolers, and we go the extra mile with Aura Sync, which allows you to coordinate effects across compatible products for a light show to rival the Northern Lights.

RGB isn’t just for your rig, though. We’ve already spread the glow beyond the battlestation with the ROG Aura Terminal, and now we’re kicking things up a notch with an RGB-equipped backpack to hold all your gear when you game away from home.

Taking Aura on the road

RGB lighting on a backpack might sound silly, but we love functional lighting that serves a purpose, and it’s hard to argue against the merits of a bag that makes you more visible when it’s dark or gloomy out. Of course, this is not your standard safety light that blinks red or white.

The ROG Ranger BP3703 is unapologetically ROG. Aura RGB illuminates a bold Republic of Gamers mask spread across the bag’s stealthy black material, and a slash of additional lighting runs diagonally across the front. The brightness is controlled via an ambient light sensor that can set the LEDs to a dim glow when you’re cycling across town in the morning and shine brighter as you’re gearing up to go home in the evening.

bp1The lighting on the Ranger automatically dials up or dims down depending on your environment, but you can still take control and tweak it to your liking. The bag connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and a dedicated Android app controls colors and effects. You can save up to seven different lighting profiles with specific colors and patterns, including color cycle, breathing, static, strobing, rainbow, glowing yo-yo, and wave. A remote built into the shoulder strap allows for on-the-fly adjustments, including extinguishing the LEDs with a simple on/off switch for when you want to keep a lower profile. You can store up to three lighting profiles on the remote for cycling quickly between your favorite colors and effects while out and about.

The ROG Ranger draws its power from any standard USB power bank. You can slide your own into the inside pocket, or buy one bundled with the bag. You can connect your phone to the USB Type-A port on the controller and use the battery to charge up your device in addition to powering the lights.

Bagging a winner

While RGB is obviously awesome, it takes more than a rainbow glow to make a great backpack, especially if you want to take all your gaming gear with you when you travel. You need room for your laptop, charger, and peripherals, but you can’t carry a bag that only fits the bare essentials. Going to play at a friend’s place usually means packing up your laptop and charger, a mouse, your headset, an HDMI cable for connecting to an external display, your phone charger, and whatever else you need to survive the night, like drinks and snacks. The ROG Ranger has a 20L capacity, so there’s ample room for a full payload, and comfortable padded straps minimize shoulder pain when you’re hauling all your stuff.

The removable laptop sleeve inside can fit up to a 17” notebook and will keep it safely separate from everything else, while an RFID-blocking pocket on the front of the bag protects your wallet from skimming scams that target RFID-enabled cards. A detachable pouch affixes to the front, allowing you to tack on additional storage for cables when the main compartment is full, and is great for items that you want to keep within easy reach, like your keys. The pouch has its own strap, so you can carry it on its own if you’re just running out to get coffee and only want to take the essentials with you.

Water-repellent fabric offers peace of mind during inclement weather, and we also waterproofed the zippers to prevent rain from seeping through the cracks when there’s a proper downpour. To make packing and unpacking a lot easier, the zipper opens 180°. This allows you to pack it like a suitcase rather than strategically stuffing layer-by-layers to prevent delicate items from getting crushed.

There’s nothing more annoying than digging around inside a dark bag and wondering if you’ve really forgotten your charger or if you just need to take everything else out before it will magically appear. Interior lighting illuminates the inside of the Ranger to help you find what you’re looking for fast. It turns on and off with a switch, so doesn’t act as a shame beacon when you’re at the movie theater and reaching for a snack, or looking for a pen while seated in a dark lecture hall.

Pack it in

The ROG Ranger BP3703 will be available later this year with the option for a bundled battery in certain regions. A second version of the ROG Ranger dubbed the ROG Ranger BP3703 Core will also be available without the lighting and electronic features. It has the same cavernous capacity, comfortable straps, and smart design. The detachable front pouch and secure RFID-protected pocket remain, and the ROG mask splashed across the front is reflective to improve visibility. Check with your local ROG representative for details on availability and pricing in your region.

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