The ROG Raikiri Pro and Raikiri PC controller put your hands in full control

Jan 04, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

The front of the ROG Raikiri Pro controller.

We love our mice and keyboards, but there’s something special about hooking your laptop up to the TV and kicking back on the couch with a controller. Whatever your game of choice – and whether you’re playing on PC or Xbox – the new ROG Raikiri Pro and Raikiri controllers give you full, customized control over your play. With intuitive rear buttons, selectable step triggers, and customizable analog sticks, you can execute every action with pixel-perfect precision. 

The ROG Raikiri series is the next evolution in game controller design. We’ve packed the Raikiri to the gills with extra features and customizable controls so you can play exactly how you want. It all starts with the custom semi-transparent chassis, with ergonomic grips that have a flatter arc to cater to varying hand sizes and playstyles. The ROG Raikiri connects to PCs and Xbox consoles via a detachable USB Type-C cable, while the Raikiri Pro features tri-mode connectivity that lets you play over 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, or a wired connection USB-C connection for unmatched versatilty on a PC or laptop. Plus, it’s compatible with the latest Xbox consoles via USB-C. When playing in wired mode, a 3.5mm audio jack on the bottom of the controller lets you connect your wired headset for premium audio quality through its built-in ESS DAC, with an easy-to-reach mute button to turn voice chat on or off. 

The rear of the ROG Raikiri Pro controller.

To truly take the Raikiri Pro to the next level, though, we added something even more special: a built-in OLED display along the top of the controller. This little display allows you to show off custom images, animations or text right on your controller. You can also view important information like power status, mic status, and the current controller profile. Two buttons above the display allow you to switch between profiles even in the middle of the game, or change what’s being displayed on the screen. 

We also added buttons to the rear of the controller — two on the Raikiri, four on the Raikiri Pro —  put within easy reach of your hands without being too easy to accidentally trigger. Each satisfying, tactile button can be programmed for in-game hotkeys or to tweak other features of the controller, like joystick sensitivity, on-the-fly. 

We’ve improved the analog triggers as well, which offer a full range of motion with a short lock trigger mode that lets you pop quicker shots in first-person shooters. From our Armoury Crate software*, you can customize the trigger’s dead zone to fit your own instincts, as well as tweak joystick response curves for custom sensitivity. Vibration strength, Aura Sync-compatible RGB lighting, and full button mapping capabilities are all within your control for a fully customizable experience. Every inch of this controller is fully tunable to your playstyle, making for the perfect couch companion. 

For more information on pricing and availability of the ROG Raikiri and ROG Raikiri Pro, contact your local ASUS representative. 

*Armoury Crate can only be accessed in wired mode.