ROG Maximus VIII Formula is the latest motherboard released by ROG, some of the features which make it highly desirable are the built-in EK hybrid air/liquid cooling block and the new Aura RGB lighting. For the first time ever, OC3D has decided that a Gold Award will not suffice. After thoroughly reviewing the ROG Maximus VIII Formula, OC3D was convinced it was more deserving of a White Gold Award! 

"Even if the Maximus VIII Formula just had the plentiful technologies in place and performed averagely it would easily win our Gold Award. However, the performance is pretty eye-opening. The stock performance is a particular highlight with the Formula appearing at the top of the stock charts in almost every single graph, and usually by a decent margin too. The overclocking is super-easy on the always reliable ASUS UEFI and the results bear benchmark fruit too, rather than just being something which looks good in CPUz. Speaking of CPUz the Formula comes with a raft of software that is far more useful than the bloatware of old installations, with even a cloud storage option that is very nice.

It looks amazing, it performs brilliantly, and the colour options are divine. It's rare that you find a humble motherboard changing your possibilities so comprehensively, but the Maximus VIII Formula is one such item and that's why, in a first for OC3D, it wins the ultra-rare White Gold Award."

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