Announcing the Winners From the ROG Survival of the Chillest Challenge!

Jan 04, 2016 Written by:ROG Article

After an eight-week run, the ROG Survival of the Chillest Challenge has come to its conclusion. Three gaming YouTubers NoughtPointFourLIVE, Muselk and Docm77 have been diligently uploading weekly videos, competing to grab the most viewers, show the sickest tricks and complete the challenges through their plays.

The God (aka TobiWan) has been relentlessly providing the trio with task after task, which they successfully tackled. How have NoughtPointFourLIVE, Muselk and Docm77 been doing along the way? You can catch up with their struggles and victories in the ROG Survival of the Chillest Playlist available on YouTube.

Every contender had huge support from their fans during those exciting eight weeks. All of them have built up even stronger bonds with their communities simultaneously taking part in the grand raffle.  The fans of all three YouTubers were presented with a chance to win two mind-blowingly powerful ASUS ROG laptops and one desktop PC.

In eight weeks NoughtPointFourLIVE, Muselk and Docm77 all created some unforgettable videos, featuring them as they play various video games and try to fulfill the witty challenges, put upon them by God. Together with his diligent helpers he also evaluated their efforts in achieving said goals and performing to their max throughout the tournament.

All summed up, here are the standings:

  • 1st Place Muselk - ROG GX700 Laptop

  • 2nd Place Docm77 - ROG G752 Laptop

  • 3rd Place NoughtPoinFourLive - ROG G20 Desktop

And this is where you come in – the winners have been chosen from all voters of each YouTuber's community. Three lucky individuals are about to receive the ASUS ROG beasts ascribed to the YouTubers above and can furthermore praise themselves as the biggest fan chosen by the all-knowing God (which was – of course – done entirely random, so you might have to fight for that title.)

After months of tension, your wait is over. Here are the names of the fortuitous ones, who will start 2016 enjoying they favorite games with the best speed, sound and graphics available on their new Gaming Rigs.


To find out if you are the winner of the Survival of the Chillest Challenge for week 8 click here!