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Coming Soon: The New King - ROG GX800 Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop

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ROG GX800 was one of the main attractions at COMPUTEX 2016 (see what else was there) and with good reason. For those of you who want the biggest and baddest gaming laptop on the planet, then look no further. Nope, this is not the GX700 despite the remarkable resemblance. This is an even bigger and badder version of it. Looks like GX700 was the first, and GX800 the second to implement liquid-cooling, as you can see it's by the use of an ultra cool dock.

The liquid-cooled beast is back (no people, docks are not designed to go on your lap:), this time with a bigger display, liquid-cooled processor and SLI graphics, a MechTag mechanical switch keyboard with independent RGB backlights on every key. Again, you will have a powerhouse of a laptop on the go (no need to take the dock with you), and desktop performance when docked - literally!

While the specs are not finalized, you can count on the ROG GX800 to be packing the newest hardware at time of launch. 

Take a look at the microsite here!

Glimpse of performance.

Watch the teaser:

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