COMPUTEX 2016: ROG Features 3D-Printing Projects for Motherboards

Jun 02, 2016 Written by:ROG Article

3D printing has opened up a world of possibilities for everyone, now anyone can make almost anything from home. From personalized phone cases to your own Lego pieces, now we believe it's time to use 3D printing to take PC modding to the next level!

ASUS ROG announced 3D Printing Project ‘Make It Your Own’ at COMPUTEX 2016. On display are amazing examples of what you can achieve using 3D printing. Check out this gallery of pictures taken from COMPUTEX.

A selection of 3D source files will be available for download, the ROG community can also come together to share - all you need to do is print (creating can be just as fun)! Here are a couple of technologies to consider when printing.


FDM Technology

When you're looking to add finishing touches to your build or you just want something unique, using FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology is inexpensive (you can do this from home!) and there's a large selection of colors to choose from. FDM technology works on an additive principle by printing objects layer by layer, watch the video below to see it in action.

The ROG Strix X99 Gaming motherboard features easily swappable parts, allowing you to design and 3D-print your own logos and nameplates in a variety of colors and materials to match your themed build.

While most case modders go for strong, impactful looks, Hsia takes a more subtle approach with her Girl’s Dream mod by adding a feminine touch to the X99-Deluxe II. Her elegant white and pink 3D printed case mod features floral motifs on the outside, with additional floral and rocking horse elements on the inside, and pink LED inserts.


SLA Technology

If you're the type of person who doesn't like to mess around, using SLA (Stereolithography) technology will give you professional results. It is more expensive, but the finish you get is sandblasted and polished to perfection. You can design and create personalized nameplates, sturdy GPU holders, chassis fan holders, DRAM fan covers, cable management kits and much more. The sky's the limit.

Here are some examples of what you can do with 3D printing using SLA technology:

Cosmic Warship

Imagine a cosmic battleship, and you’ll understand the inspiration behind this warship concept board with 3D-printed parts. It’s big, strong, functional and totally formidable — just like Rampage V Edition 10 itself! By adding multiple 3D-printed components, we’ve made our flagship board even tougher and inviolable. Every detail is designed with functional finesse. The CPU socket is personalized with a nameplate, heavy graphics card are supported by the VGA holder, memory is protected by the DIMM cover, and the wire-management kit keeps everything tidy — great for organizing LED-strip cabling!”"Martin from ASUS Design Center


The DNA of DIY

"ROG Strix X99 Gaming is born with DIY DNA — so we made 3D-printed accessories to match. The board includes free decals to enable color-matched builds for those that desire to project uniqueness and personality. We put our 3D printer to good use to maximize the usability of the friendly design, adding a third dimension to the colourful, producing a huge, battle-ready fan cover, and a sturdy support for the chassis fan — bolstering Strix X99 Gaming’s cooling and strength. The PCH cover is also extended to PCIe area, with hidden LED strips to enable gamers to show off at gaming activities or LAN parties." Williams from ASUS Design Center



"We’ve created pack of 3D-printed upgrades that we’ve dubbed the TUF Armor Specialist Kit — or TASK. TUF is renowned for durability and superior thermals and airflow-channeling, and TASK is for enthusiasts that love to push the limits with essential extras that take system cooling to the next level. The 3D-printed parts include a TUF fan cover and a stylish DRAM-cooling shroud, with an classic badge design. A sturdy GPU holder and cooling kit further enhance the cooling performance!"Alden Koh from ASUS Design Center


City Lights

"ASUS Signature X99 Deluxe II design is all about clean lines, brightness and elegance. Based on this, we focused our 3D-printed accessories on practical simplicity, and presenting arresting style inspired by modern cities. The beautiful DRAM-cooling cover matches our aesthetic ambitions and enhances airflow, while allowing light to fall and spread freely — just like a modern building." - Lovelock from ASUS Design Center

Ready to Download!

These are for you to download and print right now! Click here to download all of them.

ROG Rampage V Edition 10 - ROG Badge for northbridge cover

Just clip onto the motherboard when finished printing.

*** When printing using metal, you will need to check with the printing company regarding precision otherwise the badge may be too thick to clip into place. ***

Download here!

ROG Strix X99 Gaming – ROG Logo for PCH cover

Simply affix with double-sided tape.

Download here!


ROG Strix X99 Gaming – Strix Logo for IO cover

Simply affix with double-sided tape.

Download here!

ROG Strix X99 Gaming - X nameplate for northbridge cover

Simply affix with double-sided tape.

Download now!

TUF Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1- Original TUF dogtag

Simply affix with double-sided tape.

Download now!