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CES 2015: ROG Whetstone Mouse Mat

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Only just unveiled at CES 2015 are ROG's soon-to-launch lineup of mice Spatha and Sica, and also the new premium ROG mouse mat Whetstone.  As the mice are named after blades, it is apt to call the best companion to these mice Whetstone - a flat surface used to keep weapons sharp and in optimal shape for battles.  Whetstone is due to be launched in the first quarter of this year, and each country will announce their own respective pricing details at time of launch.  It is the successor to the ROG GM50 launched last year.


Some key features are:

• Canvas bonded to silicone using an 8-stage process that guarantees quality and longevity.
• Silicone is used for the base (instead of rubber) to minimize smell and stains, and provide superior grip.
• Washable design that’s easy to clean, and dries with a simple shake or wipe down.
• Best of both worlds: Firm feel and fast surface like a hard surface much like plastic and glass, yet rollable so it’s easy to throw in your backpack.


Whetstone was constructed using an 8-stage process that bonds the non-slip ROG-red silicone base to its Mayan patterned cover. The ROG logo is laser cut into the surface, revealing the silicone color that is underneath. It’s designed to have a faster surface than the canvas GM50, yet still rollable, thus portable.


ROG engineers specifically tailored it to match Spatha, Gladius and Sica, all using the Mayan patterned grip.  The engineers also co-worked with a leading eSports team Taipei Assassins, to fine-tune the materials, feel of the surface and speed.


Here's a hands-on video showing the Whetstone from CES 2015:

Article Tags: EventsProduct News
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