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Republic of Gamers Announces Oculus Ready ROG G752VS/VM

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ROG G752 was a beast of a laptop when first announced late last year. This year, the beast got beastier with a GTX 10-series graphics card upgrade which means it now possesses enough power to run VR (virtual reality) content the way Oculus demands. ROG announced at the Oculus Connect 3 Developer Conference in San Jose, California that the ROG G752VS and ROG G752VM gaming laptops are now certified Oculus Ready PCs. Exciting times!

Both models feature NVIDIA GTX 10-Series graphics (G752VS with GTX 1070/8GB of GDDR5, G752VM with GTX 1060/6GB of GDDR5), the latest Intel Core i7 processors, up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, and G-SYNC display with 120Hz refresh rate (G752VS).


Enabling the ultimate gaming experience for gamers is at the heart of ASUS,” said Joe Hsieh, Corporate Vice President. “We are bringing an immersive VR experience to gamers by expanding our collection of Oculus Ready PCs with the ROG G752VS/VM gaming laptops.

The partnership with Oculus is aimed at offering gamers a truly immersive gaming experience. So far, ROG G752VS and ROG G752VM, along with ASUS G11CD and ROG G20CB gaming desktops don the Oculus Ready badge.

The Oculus Ready badge is earned by only a select few PCs. All Oculus Ready PCs undergo stringent testing to ensure that ports, firmware, operating systems and other features are up to Oculus standards.  System hardware is put through 17 rigorous performance and reliability tests to ensure the system is fully Oculus Ready. This includes a 72-hour stress test, along with the repeated swapping of hardware ports to ensure connectivity and reliability. After a battery of over 100 tests, each Oculus Ready PC is graded out of 10 possible points to ensure full compatibility with the Oculus Rift headset.

Find out which other laptops could have the Oculus Ready badge soon.

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