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VR-Ready ROG Gaming Laptops

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VR (virtual reality) on PC is the game-changer of the decade in terms of immersion and control, and even if you're not a believer - the necessiity of having your next upgrade being VR-ready is without question. Being VR-ready doesn't only mean the ability to play VR games, it means having the power to play everything better. Just to think less than two months ago, only a handful of the very best laptops had the chops to be VR-ready. Here are two of them from ROG, and now more to satisfy your hunger for moar powerrrr!

ROG G701

For Maxwell graphics cards, you need at least a GTX 980 (not just a GTX 980M) matched with a powerful processor such as the overclockable Intel Core i7-6820HK in the ROG G701. To immersive you when without VR, the display panel on the G701 has 120Hz refresh rate. 

ROG G701

ROG G701 Performance



Take the G701, liquid cool it, overclock everything to the max and you get the GX700. 



After the introduction of the latest Pascal graphics cards for laptops, the single largest generational performance increase ever in a notebook made the power to run VR on a thin 15" laptop possible, one such as the ROG Strix GL502. What is almost unfathomable is the fact that the performance on GTX 10-series on laptops is easily within 10% of their desktop equivalents - this is precisely why you no longer see the M at the end (like GTX 980M), on top of that you get up to three times the overclocking potential compared to Maxwell notebooks, so don't be surprised if you actually made it go faster than its desktop counterpart.

ROG Strix GL502VS and GL502VM

The perfect balance of power and portability best defines the GL502. GL502VS comes with a GTX 1070 while VM comes with a GTX 1060. It would be a mistake to compare a GTX 1060 with the previous generation GTX 960M, and GTX 1070 with a 970M - the GTX 1060 in the VM is 39.2% faster than a GTX 970M and the VS is 67.3% faster than a GTX 970M (3DMark 11)! 



ROG Strix GL702VM

The big brother of the GL502 is the GL702, this is the 17" version which retains a thin profile for portability.




ROG G752VS and G752VM

Get a true desktop replacement that is faster all round, this VR-ready laptop comes with an overclockable processor, up to a GTX 1070 with 8GB of GDDR5 of video memory, two M.2 SSDs in RAID 0 plus another 2.5" harddrive. Experience the large selection of games able to run at 120 FPS (frames per second) on the 120Hz G-SYNC display!


ROG G800

The fastest single GPU gaming laptop can probably take you where you've never been before with a GTX 1080. And remember this is no GTX 1080M - there is no such thing. Play your games on a humongous 18-inch display!


ROG G800VI performance



By now you must have heard of the ROG beast dubbed GX800, the successor to the GX700. VR-ready? Pfft... VR tech probably has some catching up to do if you want to let this beast loose. Double up on the GTX 1080s, liquid cool them along with the overclockable processor, and add an 18-inch display, yes please! 


ROG GX800VH performance



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