Computex 2015: ROG Hog Case Mod by Ai Mask

Jul 06, 2015 Written by:ROG Article



Featured at Computex 2015, ROG Hog was an epic mod created by Wei Zheng (a.k.a. Ai Mask) from Beijing, China, who is a huge fan of ROG.   As you might have guessed, he loves bikes and cars, he is also passionate about computers and modding, so he owns a computer shop which sells a lot of premium ROG products.  A lot of gamers and ROG fans hang out at his shop daily, and his customers can tell you it's not just a business for him.  Recently he was invited to compete in the Dream Gaming Machine competition where his project ROG Night Elf received the third most votes overall.  He has collaborated with several companies including ASUS in terms of design, and was eager to help us make the ROG H-Tower system look pretty.


There are only a couple of these made and this is one of the first Ai Mask handcrafted.  Any one interested in buying one of these masterpieces?

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Check out these awesome specs:

CPU: Intel i7 5960X LGA 2011 v3
GPU: Matrix R9 290X
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz
SSD: HyperX Predator PCIe 480GB
PSU: In Win 
Case: Cooler Master 

Here are more pictures from Computex 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan:





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