Oct 14, 2015 Written by: MasterC

Gallery: ASUS ROG GX700 Gaming Laptop With Liquid-Cooling

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Judging from the reception since IFA 2015, the ROG GX700 ultra-performance gaming laptop has been deemed one of the most highly-anticipated laptops this year, and arguably this decade (ROG is turning 10 soon!).   GX700 has a game-changer which has opened the door for laptops to have a whole new level of cooling and thus potential for the highest possible performance.  The key feature to set itself apart from the rest is the world's first ever liquid-cooling system in a laptop, which is actually more crucial than a full desktop due to the compact size.  Such a system can maximize the gaming performance, overclockability and thermal performance while fully utilizing the overclockable Intel K-Series Skylake processor, and the very first desktop GeForce GTX GPU in a notebook form factor - Nvidia GTX 980 (not GTX 980M).  Here, we want to treat you to some high-quality pictures from every angle!  Enjoy.



The Dock



Article Tags: Gallery
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