Similar in style to the GR8, the ROG GR6 is a console-inspired gaming PC created to be as minimalistic and silent as possible.   All the while maintaining the power and bold-styling in traditional colors to earn the ROG branding.  The portable miniature size and calm demeanor can be deceiving when performance is far beyond what you would expect from an ultra-compact 2.5-liter package with 20dB (idle)/28dB (full-load) whisper-quiet operation.  

Powered by a 5th-generation Intel Core i5 ('Broadwell') processor, 8GB of DDR3L memory (upgradeable to 16GB), an updated Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics card and an optional solid-state-drive (SSD), ROG mouse and keyboard is also available. Gamers are ready for Full HD gaming in the bedroom, or throw it in a bag and head to a LAN party or simply go hog the big-screen in the living room.

ROG GR6 with Gladius mouse and M801 Keyboard set

 With the optional  ROG Gladius mouse and M801 Keyboard set or ROG Sica mouse and RA01 Keyboard set you have a complete system.   There is built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Intel Gigabit Ethernet with GameFirst III for lag-free online gaming, and HDMI or DisplayPort allows multiple displays.   Four USB 3.0 ports are at the back and two quick-access USB 2.0 ports are on the front, of which one supports USB Charger to charge your device in half the time even if the system is off.

Both hardware and software are tuned for the complete audio experience, via the digital or analog interface.  You can connect the GR6 to your digital surround-sound home-theater using either the HDMI or S/PDIF optical port, in addition, there are audio jacks on both the front and the back with Sonic SenseAmp which automatically senses headphone impedance and adjusts accordingly.  SupremeFX audio utilizes premium components including high-end Japanese-made ELNA audio capacitors for natural and warm sound reproduction, and a design to reduce EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).  Sonic Studio allows you to personalize sound modes and the equalizer.  Get an unfair advantage with Sonic Radar II by seeing where enemies are on an onscreen overlay within the game.

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ROG GR6 comes pre-installed with Windows 8.1 and Steam Big Picture Launcher so you can navigate and get into games in no time, even using just your game-pad if you choose.   The full-windows experience is available.   ASUS exclusive features include AI Suite III to customizing system settings, 100GB of free ASUS WebStorage cloud storage for a year, and HomeCloud so you can access your ROG GR6 remotely.  A one-year full Kaspersky Anti-Virus license is also included for real-time protection against virus and malware attacks

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 The enclosure incorporates slide-off covers for easy upgrade to the 2.5" hard drive and SO-DIMM memory.

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