Republic of Gamers Announces ROG GR8 II

Jan 11, 2017 Written by:ROG Article

The successor to the GR8 has arrived! ROG GR8 II (left) carries on the tradition of delivering powerful gaming while occupying very little space. Sure it is slightly larger than its predecessor but ROG favored that extra gaming power and we're confident you would too. This 4-liter gaming PC is the smallest VR-Ready system money can buy, and very portable weighing in at just four kilograms. GR8 II kept a design which makes you feel like you've got future alien tech in your possession, and when you fire it up the AURA SYNC lighting on the system and across the ROG peripherals pulses and glows in a way that makes you wonder if you have triggered a countdown to unfathomable consequences. Even if you don't have a wild imagination, GR8 II will get you in the mood for gaming nevertheless.


Powered by the latest 7th Gen. Intel Core i7 or i5 desktop processor paired with up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, and making it VR-ready is a customized desktop ASUS GTX 1060 which makes this around 10% faster than the previous generation GTX 970. GR8 II is designed with VR gaming in mind, been tested extensively with the Oculus Rift and has two HDMI ports allowing you to easily connect up both a monitor and a VR headset at the same time. Despite the compact size, you can still connect up to three displays for surroound gaming using the two HDMI ports and DisplayPort.

To make a gaming system as small and powerful as possible, it is vital for a high-performance system (especially this size) to get maximize the efficiency of the airflow, heat pipes and fans. The last thing you want is the disappointment of finding out your new PC is as loud as holding two hand-held electric fans to your ears, or that it always crashes at the most inopportune times. ROG implemented a solution to deliver stability even for gaming marathons while being super-silent at 23dB at idle.


ROG GR8 II is ideal for living rooms, desks with limited space, and LAN parties if you much rather game on desktop monitors than laptops. Either the PG348Q, PG258Q and PG27UQ would be a great match in terms of aesthetics since they all match the plasma copper and matte black color scheme, and they all feature G-SYNC for smooth gameplay without tearing.


You can find AURA SYNC lighting in three areas on the front of the chassis, you can choose from 8 million colors and apply one of 10 lighting effects to suit your mood. When connected to ROG peripherals such as the Claymore, Spatha or any of the latest mice from CES 2017, you can pick from 12 AURA SYNC modes which make the lighting come alive as they everything is synchronized.


Even being this compact, ROG crammed in two storage options, offering a slot supporting up to an M.2 PCIe SSD (best for your OS) and an easily accessible 2.5-inch bay (in case your collection of games is too impressive for the M.2). SupremeFX in tandem with Sonic Studio III software mean amazing gaming audio with a new routing feature for streaming. For networking, you can choose a wired connect using Intel Ethernet (I219-V), or go wireless with in-built 802.11ac Wi-Fi with 2x2 dual-band 2.4/5GHz antennas and MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technology offering up to 867Mbps transfer speed.

There are two USB 3.1 ports (Type-C and Type-A) and four USB 3.0 ports. The two USB 3.0 ports at the front make it easy to connect up a couple of game controllers, or if you plan to use wireless peripherals from the couch it's better to use these to provide the receivers with better reception. When using the GR8 II as a media center you could consider extra Bluetooth peripherals since Bluetooth 4.2 is built-in so you won't use up any USB ports. When conneted to a home theater you can get both video and audio from a single HDMI connection, for some older amplifiers (without HDMI) or surround-sound systems for PC you can use the S/PDIF optical out for digital audio output.

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