Republic of Gamers Announces ROG G20CB with GTX 10-Series Graphics Cards

Jul 27, 2016 Written by:ROG Article

ROG G20CB is back with a monstrous upgrade in the form of an NVIDIA GTX 10-Series graphics card. Now a G20 can pack up to a full-fledged GTX 1080 for up to three times the gaming power of previous generation cards! So you can play DOOM in 4K resolution in Ultra detail using a very much DOOM-themed chassis, and customize the LED effects (8 million colors to choose from) to replicate with the DOOM level you're playing. It's easy to forget how amazing it is to have so much power in a compact 9.5-liter gaming desktop to run games so smoothly, surely with enough practice your enemies will be DOOMed.


The G20 has already won the Computex Best Choice, Good Design, iF Design and CES Innovation awards. Beneath the aggressive design with Mayan-inspired markings and matte black finish you'll find up to an Intel Core i7-6700 processor, and up to 32GB of DDR4 (SO-DIMM) memory at 2133MHz for a truly potent setup. This is not VR-ready but rather VR-I'm-game.

What more can you possibly fit in there? How about both a 2.5 SSD and a 3.5 hard drive? That should hold you for a while. For connectivity, you have built-in AC WiFi, Bluetooth, eight USB ports in total (including two USB 3.1 ports) and more. All this weighs just over 6kg!

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