If there was a "great for all" award, the Strix GTX 950 would definitely be deserving of that title.  It's a great card for any type of visual experience like movies, pictures, casual browsing, and most importantly for gaming as well.

The Strix GTX 950 features DirectCU II cooling technology with patented wing-blade fan design for ultra quiet operation. The fans on the video card remain off most the time until the temperature reaches a certain temperature where the fans need to be turned on to cool down the card, otherwise the card is absolutely silent. In general, tests show that the Strix GTX 950 will run 20% cooler and 3 times quieter when compared against reference.  The card also comes factory overclocked to an impressive core clock of 1329 MHz in gaming mode and can be increased to 1355MHz in OC mode, which showed a 11.5% gaming performance increase in The Witcher 3.

Want to further adjust the settings on the card?  The GPU Tweak II overclocking utility will allow you to tweak and use all of the exceptional overclocking headroom on the Strix GTX 950.  To make things even more interesting,  a free 14-day premium license for the XSplit Gamecaster is thrown in for those who would like to try out live game broadcasting.  To add even more value, in cooperation with a 15-day World of Warships premium account and a exclusive invite code for a Diana Cruiser ship are offered.

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