ASUS R9 270X DirectCU II Unboxing

Oct 14, 2013 Written by:ROG Article

The R9 270X series is the step below AMD's R9 280X and our MATRIX R9 280X. As you can see the DirectCU II cooler is a bit smaller as the card is less powerful, but it still has the great design and fat heatpipes to efficiently cool the GPU core. Here's what you get when you buy one!


This one is the TOP version - maximum OC out the box. It's got 2GB of GDDR5, DIGI+ VRM with Super Alloy Power hardware and GPU Tweak is supported.


Inside there's the driver disc and Speed Setup guide, PCIe adapter if you have a PSU without two 6-pin connectors and a CrossFire bridge.


Here's the R9 270X DirectCU II!


3 fat heatpipes cool pop out from this side, cooling the GPU core. You can just about see the two 6-pin power connectors behind.


The ASUS logo sits on the PCB strengthening bracket.


Both PCIe 6-pin connectors are required to power the card. Notice they are flipped around to allow easy plug-in/unclipping.


HDMI, DisplayPort and two DVI ports are on the rear panel. There's etchings to explain which connectors are DVI-D and DVI-I (the latter can be converted to d-sub(VGA) if required).


Side on and we can see two of the heatpipes shoot straight through the core block.


Here's a close up where we can see the heatpipes are squeezed in to make contact with the core, improving cooling efficiency!