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ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly and Matrix GTX 980 Ti

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First unveiled at IFA 2015 in September, a new Plasma Copper color scheme was introduced in the latest hardware from ROG.  As far as PC components go, there was nothing more exciting than the latest versions of the Maximus motherboard and Matrix graphics card.  The best just got even better, and the red & black tradition has been broken.  It does make sense that in order to evolve, you must break the rules.   Let's find out what else has evolved!

“To be ROG is to be the rebel. To be ROG is to break every rule. We are rebellious ROG, breaking our own rules to envision a new future. A future forged with striking distinction. ROG is red. ROG is black. And now ROG is also Plasma Copper: elite assemblies for elite gamers. This is our mark of invincibility — and the new emblem of dominance for the world’s best gamers."Derek Yu, ASUS ROG Global Marketing Director

ROG Maximus VIII Extreme_Assembly+Matrix GTX 980Ti

ROG Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly is based on the latest Intel Z170 Express chipset.  It features 5-Way Optimization auto-tuning, Pro Clock, second-generation T-Topology and DIGI+ to maximize the performance and overclocking potential of the Intel 6th-generation processors and DDR4 memory. Tremendous effort has been put into developing the new ROG SupremeFX Hi-Fi audio solution, the Extreme/Assembly edition features an ESS ES9018K2M digital-to-audio converter (DAC) along with two Texas Instruments LM4562 operational amplifiers for superior audio signal amplification, lower distortion and audio jitter, and delivers audiophile-grade 32-bit/384kHz and DSD128 playback. A front-panel headphone amp is bundled, the TPA6120A2 headphone amplifier has an output of over 6VRMS to drive 600Ohm high-fidelity headphones! Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly also comes bundled with the ROG 10Gb/s Ethernet add-on card which is the fastest onboard consumer solution currently available.  

We're excited to work with the industry-leading gaming brand ROG to include our 10G Express expansion card, providing supreme-speed, lag-free online gaming experiences for ROG gamers. ROG is the first gaming brand committed to providing high-performance, low-power and great-value multi-gigabit networking and future-proof standards, expanding the potential and appeal of its elite gaming gear.” - Nir Sever, Chief Operating Office, Tehuti Networks 

ROG Maximus VIII Extreme_Assembly+10G Express+SupremeFX Hi-Fi

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The new ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti gaming graphics card is packed with DirectCU II with the patented Wing-Blade Fan Design for maximum air flow with 30% cooler and 3 times quieter performance.  Only the very best GPUs which rank in the top 15% are hand picked and reserved for ROG Matrix!  The result is up to 18.7% faster performance than reference and 21.6% faster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This card is equipped with DIGI+ voltage-regulation modules (VRMs) with 14-phase Super Alloy Power II technology (SAP II components are of premium quality and the best reliability for overclocking), manufactured using an exclusive new process using ASUS AUTO-EXTREME technology.  Memory Defroster is back to cater for extreme overclockers – it defrosts the Matrix card’s memory during subzero overclocking to ensure sustained stability.  The liquid-nitrogen (LN2) switch enables overvolting options for access to uncharted overclocking territory if you want to try your hand at some LN2 fun. If that's not for you, you don’t have to be an expert to push the card to extreme levels, you can use GPU Tweak II, as well as a convenient one-click Safe Mode that restores VBIOS to its original settings.  On the top of the Matrix is a color-coded ROG LED load indicator which you can use to check the GPU load levels, four color gradients correspond to each load level range.


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