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Battlefield 3: What GPU Do You Need To Play On Ultra?

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See that above picture? No is not a real life solider but a Battlefield 3 soldier rendered in the 'Ultra' setting.

Battlefield 3 is a game which left a majority of gamers scrambling around asking, "Can my PC run this?" and "What do I need to run it on Ultra?".

Well is not surprising that gamers are still left wondering whether to upgrade or not, ever since DICE announced that multi-GPU setups were recommended for fluid smooth gameplay on its Ultra setting, which makes the most out of the latest Frostbite 2 engine.

But fret not, as the helpful guys over at Bit-Tech and Toms Hardware came up with a Battlefield 3 Performance Analysis guide. Between them they grabbed their trusty graphics test rigs and dozens of the most popular DirectX 11 graphics cards and set out for an epic quest to reveal the truth of "Is it really that demanding?". (Pro Tip: Answer is Yes).

If you've already been playing BF3 in every waking moment though, let us know your own setups and best playable settings for our community! If you guys are still thinking of upgrading, which ROG graphic card(s) would you choose for Battlefield 3? Drop your comments in our forums or head over to our ROG Facebook page.

Article Tags: Community
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