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Republic of Gamers Announces ROG SLI HB Bridge

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This time last year the original ROG SLI Bridge (right) was announced and quickly sold out due to the immense popularity. This year, ROG SLI HB Bridge (left) for 2-way SLI is introduced with some upgrades. The new bridge supports Dual-link SLI mode for high-bandwidth (HB) data tranfer between your two graphics cards, and the illuminated logo lighting has been upgraded with an AURA RGB touch-sensitive lighting panel. Performance aside, you probably just want to give your new system the attention it deserves, or shall we say the attention it's gonna get.


The new high-bandwidth version (left) supports Dual SLI Interface connectors allowing for double the available the transfer bandwidth. NVIDIA implemented support for HB bridges in the latest 10-series graphics cards as a way to prevent a bottleneck, and to be futureproof for the next generation of graphics cards and monitors such as the new PG27UQ with Ultra-HD resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. Not only for people with high-resolution monitors with ultra-fast refresh rates, those with multi-display setups can also benefit from the SLI HB bridge.


ROG SLI HB Bridge is compatible with different 2-way SLI configurations, they can be either three or four slots apart.


The new bridge is for power users looking to complete their build with an SLI bridge that maximizes performance and adds synchronized RGB lighting. When installed, millions of colors are displayed in a loop, touching the panel will stop the cycle and remain on the color you picked. Touch the panel again and it will resume cycling through the spectrum. Within the GeForce Experience software you have 12 lighting effects to choose from. 


If you have an AURA SYNC capable motherboard, you can connect the SLI HB Bridge to the motherboard for beautifully-synchronized lighting effects using the supplied 4-pin splitter cable. This cable won't end up occupying the 4-pin RGB header on the motherboard, so you can still connect up another RGB lighting. ROG SLI HB Bridge is a nice addition to the growing list of compatible AURA SYNC-compatible products, including motherboards, graphics cards, keyboards and mice.

The design is completely new, from a brushed-metal finish to a matte-black finish, yet the same quality metal construction remains. The new design matches perfectly the latest ROG Strix graphics cards and practically any other graphics cards for that matter.


The list of compatible graphics cards include:

ASUS GeForce GTX 1080

ASUS GeForce GTX 1070

ASUS GeForce GTX Titan X

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