While most people want to build or buy systems according to what their bank managers allow in order to be ready for whatever games that come along over the next five years, some others know precisely what game(s) will be center of attention for the next few years. To be that good at a game, you better spend the time to hone your skills for a shot against the best of the best, and maybe... just maybe earn a 7-figure paycheck. The new ROG Strix RX 460 is perfect for eSports gaming, and using the spare cash you can put that towards perhaps a better processor, more memory or a better motherboard for better overall performance (ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura would be a great bet).


ROG Strix RX 460 is based on the all-new AMD Polaris 11 architecture featuring more than double the perf/W (performance per Watt), with 4GB of GDDR5 video memory operating at 7GHz on the 128-bit bus. Using the bundled GPU Tweak II sofware, you can push the boost clock to 1,256MHz in OC Mode with a single click, or 1,236MHz in Gaming Mode. What this amounts to is up to 8.2% more performance in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and a whopping 38.6% more performance in Hitman. It's capabilities does extend beyond popular eSports games in case you want to take a break from them.


The smaller size allows for more compact builds, and having DirectCU II technology you won't have to be too concerned about the card suffocating and overheating in tighter spaces. DirectCU II includes Wing-Blade fans and FanConnect so you have control of the airflow surrounding the card and the card itself, making the card up to 30% cooler and three times quieter than reference.

The same Super Alloy Power II components used in flagship models are also used here, manufactured in the same way using Auto-Extreme technology for better quality and stability. 

Personalize the card your way with Aura RGB lighting for millions of colors possible and six visual effects, plus customizable decals are included!

ROG Strix RX 460 offers a port for each DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI so you can connect it to whatever monitor you already have. (Yeah, you can also connect it up using a VGA cable by using an adaptor, if you really, really want to). 

ASUS DUAL RX 460 2GB is also available.


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