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Top 9 Reasons the ROG Strix GTX 1070 is the Best GTX 1070

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The reviews of the GTX 1070 show that its price : performance ratio is spot-on, giving Titan-X performance for less than half the cash. The ROG Strix GTX 1070 builds on this by adding its own mix of features and overclocks beyond the Founders Edition to make it the 1070 you must have.


1) Super Alloy Power II and AutoExtreme Technology

Super Alloy Power has been a core technology for ASUS graphics cards for over 5 years, and while it has had upgrades along the way the team has pushed to a full second generation of Super Alloy Power II capacitors, chokes, DrMOS(FETs) and POSCAP hardware plus an optimized PCB design/layout that improves efficiency, power delivery and reduces any potential buzzing that might occur. In conjunction, ASUS is the only company in the industry to use a fully automated manufacturing process - termed AutoExtreme - to ensure 100% precision of construction from start thru finish.

You only need a single 8-pin power connector as well.

2) Overclocked out the box

The ROG Strix GTX 1070 GPUs are pre-screened so only the best overclocking parts are put on ROG Strix cards. The card runs 10.5% faster than the Founders Edition at 1,860MHz with OC Mode. With GPU Tweak II achieving the fabled 2GHz core clock is easily attemptable thanks to its intuitive user interface - just hit the up arrow or type the number straight in - and offers many OC options including core voltage, power limits, fan speeds, etc. (Just max them all out!)


3) AURA RGB lighting

ASUS' AURA RGB is available here too using the AURA PC app, with millions of colors to choose from using a simple color-wheel with four effects including breathing, strobing, color cycling or static, or the colors can be synced to GPU load or music instead. 

Sync this AURA to your Z170 or X99 motherboard AURA lighting RGB strips and you've got a well toned, pimped up rig.

4) ASUS FanConnect

The ROG Strix GTX 1070 has ASUS' 0db technology which stops the fans under a set temperature (which can now be user controlled via GPU Tweak II), although typically the PC chassis fans are always tied to CPU temps only - until now. ASUS engineers put two 4-pin fan connectors on the Strix graphics card itself, allowing you to plug in and sync fan control to two fans that directly benefit the graphics card. For example, as you start gaming and the GPU temperatures start to rise, a side panel and front fan can switch on in sync when the graphics card fans themselves turn on, drawing in cool air directly for the GPU to keep cooler. When the GPU sits with its fans turned off, the case fans also turn off, giving you a silence : cooling performance ratio that's never before been possible.

5) Patented Wing-Blade 0db fans

The Wing-Blade fans themselves are new, with a slimmer design that's focused on maximizing air pressure within the same RPM, increasing the air density over the cooling fins beneath it and drawing more heat out. See those engineering diagrams below - real science has been done by engineers with fluid dynamics degrees!

6) DirectCU III is cooler and quieter

Combining the Wing-Blade fans with the large DirectCU III heatsink - it's several direct-GPU contact, nickel-plated, copper heat pipes and huge fin array, means DirectCU III is up to three times quieter and 30% cooler than alternatives. Whereas previous DirectCU II designs had a separate heatsink for the power VRMs, DirectCU III's fin array also connects to the VRMs and cools them directly.  Its dual-slot design means fits typical motherboard designs for SLI, although a slot-gap is always suggested to give some breathing room.

Our internal tests show this design is both cooler and quieter than the Founders Edition, allowing you less noise and more overclocking overhead.  We've measured it at 31dB and 72°C under a 3DMark11 load, compared to 45dB and 83°C for the reference design.


7) Backplate

No premium graphics card is complete without a back plate - it's the first thing you see when peering into your case window, after all. The ROG Strix GTX 1070 doesn't disappoint with its Strix-styled, aluminum design and AURA RGB lit, Republic of Gamers logo to show off. The SAP II POSCAPs are visible in the square holes.


8) Xplit Gamecaster 1 year license for free

For all the game'casters or potential casters out there, $99 worth of Xplit Gamecaster license is included so you can kick off or continue your casting career, demonstrating your skills to the masses, or just friends and clan-mates. XSplit Gamecaster lets you easily stream and record your greatest gaming moments at the click of a button. Learn more on the Xplit website.

9) ASUS goes Beyond VR Ready

The ROG Strix GTX 1070 is a core part of the ASUS Beyond VR Ready program. This program tests ASUS motherboards and graphics cards with the popular Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR kits to ensure they are 100% compatible and deliver the best possible experience. Given its performance and features, the ROG Strix GTX 1070 blows away the minimum performance requirements for these VR headsets as well!


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