The ROG Herculx shoulders the weight of your graphics card

May 14, 2022 Written by:Eric Born

Modern ROG graphics cards already deploy full-length backplates and integral stiffening frames to minimize flex and distortion of their printed circuit boards over time. But if your graphics card features a thick, high-performance three-slot heatsink, you might consider an additional support to further minimize the likelihood of GPU sag over the lifetime of the card. That’s why we’re introducing the ROG Herculx. This tool-free brace installs in most any PC case with a power supply shroud, and its vertical design gives it the strength to hold even the largest graphics cards on the market.


Other options on the market, like our own ROG Wingwall, screw into an open expansion slot bracket on our case. This horizontal approach works wonders—if you have an open slot. The ROG Herculx is an easy-to-use alternative that fits most cases with a PSU shroud running beneath the graphics card. Its single-piece foot is constructed of high-damping rubber so that it forms a stable base, and it rests firmly on the shroud to allow the holder to support the GPU from below. This vertical design keeps it from directly occupying an add-in card slot, leaving you some spare space to add shorter-length expansion cards or maintain steady airflow—all the while stabilizing your graphics card. Both the support column and the counterweight are constructed of zinc alloy for long-term structural integrity.


Installing the ROG Herculx couldn’t be easier. Between its two adjustment mechanisms, it offers a wide 72 to 128mm support height range that’s compatible with all chassis form factors—no tools necessary. A fine adjustment ratchet lets you move the brace up or down with a spin of an integrated wheel, and the detachable spirit level ensures that your GPU is perfectly horizontal once the Herculx is in place. To minimize the risk of any damage to your graphics card or other components when you remove the brace, you can release the support structure slowly and smoothly with the press of one key.

The ROG Herculx adds extra visual flair to your system, too. Its integrated addressable RGB LED element is compatible with Aura Sync for easy coordination with the rest of the lighting in your system. With the unique 3D lighting pattern and transparent gradient effect across its ROG logo, the Herculx will bolster your graphics card in style.

ROG Herculx
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