ROG introduces Strix Fusion headset that bridges gaming and lifestyle on PC and mobile

Jun 09, 2017 Written by:ROG Article

Modern gamers increasingly use multiple platforms to get their fix. They split their time between PCs and mobile devices depending on what’s available and what they want to play. Most are more than just gamers, too. This generation consumes streaming video and music like no other, typically on smartphones that are rarely out of reach. So, we made a gaming headset that works with everything. Revealed at Computex 2017, the new Strix Fusion family is equally at home hooked up to your home battlestation as it is connected to the mobile devices you take everywhere. The Strix Fusion 300 will be the first of the family to launch. It will soon be joined by the Fusion 500 and 700.


Surround sound makes gaming more immersive, but multiple speakers aren’t exactly portable. That’s why the Strix Fusion emulates a 7.1-channel surround sound inside the headset itself. The hardware-based virtualization works without software drivers, so you can use it with both PCs and mobile devices. And, if you’re just listening to music, you can disable the effect for standard stereo sound.

The Fusion features ESS Sabre components: a 9018 DAC and 9601 amplifier. Those chips combine with 50-mm drivers backed by improved chambers that use Airtight technology to produce better sound. A lot of thought went into earpieces, from the drivers generating audio waves to the cushioning that surrounds your ear. We’ll share more details closer to the headset’s expected on-shelf date later this year.

RGB lighting is hardly a surprise these days, and the pictures make it hard to keep secret. The Strix Fusion 500 and 700 are capable of displaying a rainbow of colors to coordinate with different styles, whether you’re in the mood for something flashy or more subdued. Support for Aura Sync allows the headset to synchronize with other ROG products in our illuminated ecosystem, including motherboards, graphics cards, and peripherals. You can easily match the lighting across an entire gaming rig for a cohesive overall look. The Strix Fusion 300 keeps things simple with glowing red accents that can be set to static or switched to a subtle breathing effect.


To up the ante for esports, the Stix Fusion enables synchronized lighting across multiple headsets. Teams can present a united visual front that’s visible on the big stage. The headsets sync with each other using a mobile app that avoids the need to run separate software on tournament machines. This feature isn’t just for professionals and top players, though; it also lets everyday amateurs sync with teammates and friends at LAN parties or anywhere else.

If you want the convenience of a single gaming headset that works with all your devices, stay tuned for more on the Strix Fusion family. And don’t miss our coverage of other new ROG products introduced at Computex.