The ROG Throne Qi is a multi-functional home for your headphones

May 27, 2019 Written by:ROG Article

These days our desks are cluttered with various devices and gadgets that are essential to our daily lives. From USB hubs to your favorite headset, and your phone, sometimes the hardest part of buying a new device figuring out where to put it when it arrives.

The ROG Throne Qi is designed to reduce some of the mess around your computer. By giving you a place to hang your headphones and charge your phone and other devices, it frees up space for that extra-large ROG Scabbard mousepad you’ve been eyeing.

A Throne for all of your devices

At its heart, the Throne Qi is a headset stand that has all the style and flair you’d expect from the Republic of Gamers. Featuring sharp angles and clean lines, it makes a statement all on its own. A total of 18 individual RGB lighting zones controlled by Aura Sync allow you to customize it to match the rest of your gear. Still, simply calling this a blinged-out headphone stand does it a great injustice.


Unless you’ve gone wireless with your headset, you’re going to need someplace to plug it in. Whether your cans use a USB port or a traditional audio jack, the Throne Qi works with both. To provide the most detailed and immersive sound possible, it features a built-in high-resolution ESS 9118 DAC, amplifier, and hyper-grounding technology. This means that it’s not just passing a signal through to your headset, it’s upgrading your audio too.

Allow us to top you off

Almost everyone has a smartphone sitting near their keyboard and mouse while they’re on their computer. You want it close by in case you miss any important notifications, and you keep it within reach so you can quickly grab it when it’s time to head out. The Throne Qi provides a place to rest your phone and ensures it stays charged up, too. It’s capable of wirelessly charging any Qi-enabled smartphone so that your phone is juiced up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. The dedicated Qi LED will let you know the charging status of your device at a glance, and it’s separate from the 18 individual LEDs powering the Throne’s Aura Sync RGB, so it won’t interfere with your rainbow glow.
Phones aren’t the only gadgets that need a charge to get through the day. Whether you’ve got a tablet or ereader that you like to take with you to class, or even a wireless controller that needs to be topped off, the Throne Qi includes a pair of USB 3.1 ports to ensure that they can get charged as quickly as possible.

All-in-one goodness

A messy desk is difficult to avoid, especially when you have a plethora of gadgets at your fingertips. The Throne Qi cuts back on the clutter by giving you one place to store and charge your phone, and other devices, all while casting a glorious RGB glow across your desk. 

The ROG Throne will be hitting stores soon in two flavors, one with Qi wireless charging and one without. Check with your local ROG representative for information on pricing and availability in your region.

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