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Coming Soon: ROG Claymore Gaming Keyboard with AURA SYNC

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From your feedback we can see you can't wait for the ROG Claymore, well the wait is almost over! To let you see the final product, here are a few pictures! As you are probably aware, the Claymore has been in the prototype phase for quite a few months, to live up to the hype ROG just wanted to make sure you get a completely new experience which no other keyboard offers.


Sure, there are other keyboards with RGB lighting... but do they sync with your PC components and peripherals? We don't think so. Not saying this does, but we're not saying it doesn't either.

How many keyboards do you know have a detachable keypad? ROG Claymore does and it's got a premium aluminium finish. The keys on the keypad can be used as macro keys and you can control the volume from there. 

Some people prefer to be minimalistic and only want the keybaord without the keypad, no problem, you can get ROG Claymore Core which comes without the keypad. If you do however change your mind, you can still purchase the keypad separately.


People don't usually spend a lot of time inspecting the bottom of other people's keyboards, but it didn't stop ROG making it look like Batman's hoverboard (at least that's how we'd imagine it to be).

This is no ordinary keyboard, it's got power over the lighting modes directly and the motherboard's BIOS (ROG of course).

Coming soon to a desk near you.

Articles: Keyboards & Mice
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