Overview: ROG Claymore

Dec 07, 2016 Written by:ROG Article

Is the new ROG Claymore just a fancy-looking keyboard with lots of multi-colored lights? We only disagree on the word just. The intentionally simple layout can be deceptive, Leonardo da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ROG has validated the quote with a seemingly standard layout. What you are about to find out are the features within which make this the most advanced keyboard ever created. Below are a few reasons why the Claymore is much more than meets the eye (sorry, it does not actually transform).p1

Going back to the basics; the reason why a completely new layout doesn't work is because gamers have become accustomed to what they have been using all this time to hone their skills. Why reinvent the wheel and make people relearn everything all over again? ROG Claymore brings you the same layout with the flexibility of moving the keypad closer to the action and out of the mouse's way, even the keypad is exactly how you memorized it and all those keys can be used as macros. Put your hand on the keypad and you'll know which is which, all that's left is remembering what you mapped there. If you forget, just map what you want instantly on-the-fly.

This certainly is a fancy-looking keyboard with all the aluminium detailed with Mayan-patterns. Something you might not have noticed are the elevated keys, having them elevated and easily detached means you no longer have to put up with all that dust and cat hair stuck in between the keys. 


It doesn't matter how fancy a keyboard is if it doesn't perform. Claymore comes with long lasting Cherry MX RGB switches to allow a customized feel and the response you need. You can choose from red, brown, blue or black. When you are playing seriously, ROG understands that results matter the most and not how fancy you look (if your gameplay looks more impressive than this, we'd like to hear from you).


When you are in the zone, you are one with the machine. A complete AURA-SYNC system will make you feel like you are one with machine before you get in the zone. When there's so much going on, an AURA-SYNC system makes things simple, and in sync. Here is the family of ROG products supporting AURA synchronized RGB lighting. The best part is that you can pick what you want and built it yourself.


Customize the colors and effects according to your build, how you feel, or even for which game you're playing.


If you have ROG peripherals, the Armoury software makes things simple. With a complete AURA system, you can tinker till your heart's content with the AURA software. 


Choose to sync the lighting effect, or not, up to you.


Create your own effects.


Include or exclude lighting on specific keys.


Individual components and even specific areas on components can be customized.


Lighting for the whole system could be informative, reflecting the system temperature.


Or reflect the game or music you're playing.


You don't always need to get into the software to change settings.


Beyond the capability to power on your system and get into the BIOS, if the lighting on your whole system is telling you that you should turn up the fan, do so instantly with the shortcuts on the Claymore.


Don't need the fans to be turned up so high? No problem. 


Check out the gallery/unboxing or more info here.