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Republic of Gamers Announces ROG Strix Impact gaming mouse

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The ROG Strix Evolve and Impact are the first mice in the ROG Strix series. Both were created for versatility. They're fast enough for MOBA games while being sensible picks for other genres as well. And they can be used with either hand (considering training yourself to be ambidextrous to outlast your opponents). Be on the lookout for the Evolve in the weeks to come. For now, get ready for an affordable gaming mouse that can make a real impact on your games and the look of your battlestation.

The essentials for simplicity

After receiving positive feedback on the Sica, we looked to refine the design further. Lo and behold, we give you the Impact. Like its predecessor (sorry, no white edition...yet), the Impact gets back to basics to satisfy those who desire a high-performance gaming mouse with only the functions they need — nothing more, and nothing less.

One might say making a mouse with basic functionality is easy, but why would anyone in their right mind choose to do so when there are almost countless alternatives with extra buttons, toggles, and scroll wheels? Rest assured, ROG hasn't lost the plot. While some might reminisce about simple controllers with a single D-pad and two buttons, basic gamepads simply aren't applicable to most modern games. Luckily, since mice are used in conjuction with keyboards, it's possible to keep things as simple as possible. For some games (especially MOBAs), the last thing you need is an overwhelming number of distractions built into the mouse. The ROG Strix Impact is for people who want to focus on winning and let the results speak for themselves.

Design and performance


The size and shape, as well as Mayan-patterned rear flanks, make the Impact easy to grip and control with either hand. The left and right buttons are large to accomodate palm, finger-tip, and claw grips. They're also separate from the body to reduce the force required when clicking, making input feel more responsive.

While the Omron switches on the Sica are rated for 20 million clicks, the Impact upgrades to more durable versions rated for 50 million clicks. A new DPI switch and indicator light have also been implemented below the Mayan-patterned scroll wheel, adding on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments whilst maintaining a streamlined design. The lightweight (91-gram) body is tuned for rapid movement in MOBA games, and it's accompanied by a low-friction cable and fast 5000-DPI optical sensor. Optical sensors are more forgiving in first-person shooters than laser-based alternatives. Add DPI toggling for sniping, plus lightweight construction, and the Impact is also a deadly weapon for FPS gamers.  

The ROG logo on the Impact has AURA Sync RGB lighting with different effects and over 16 million colors. Match your Impact with other AURA Sync-capable products, such as the latest ROG Maximus IX motherboards, graphics cards, and peripherals, and you can synchronize everything to display amazing full-system lighting effects that only ROG can offer. You can even get AURA Sync on an ROG desktop and HB SLI bridge!

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