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The ROG keycap kit is designed for diehard members of the Republic

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keycap3The Republic of Gamers is all about daring to be different, and it’s this spirit that drives the design of all our products. Whether it’s the unique cooling mechanism that opens up the back of the Zephryus S gaming ultrabook, or the detachable display in our brand new ROG Mothership desktop replacement laptop, we’re always pushing the boundaries in favor of functionally superior design. Still, improvement doesn’t always mean going back to the drawing board to look for big breakthroughs, because it’s often the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.

For CES 2019, we’re introducing the ROG Gaming Keycap Set, which allows you to add some custom flair to your favorite mechanical keyboard while also fine-tuning the feel of the most used gaming keys. The set includes seven keycaps for covering the crucial controls for MOBA and FPS games, and we’ve also given the all-important Esc key a makeover.

The seven alpha caps are designed for the QWERASD keys. When in place, they map out the ROG eye in a mosaic of black and red. It’s a bad-ass visual, but not the primary differentiating feature. In addition to their artistic style, each one is textured with a coarse grain finish that sets it apart from the rest of keyboard. This grainy surface is extra grippy, making it easy to find the right keys by feel alone, and reducing slippage when the heat is on and your palms start to sweat. The caps are fashioned from plastic to avoid changing the weight of the keys, which might throw you off your game and impact performance.

The cherry on top (pun definitely intended) is the shiny Esc key. It is Republic of Gamers red with an ROG eye in relief on top. The ROG logo stands out in shiny diamond-cut silver and makes Esc impossible to miss when your finger flicks up to launch the game menu. Since weight is less of a factor for single function keys that you don’t press very often, we went for a more luxurious high-density aluminum alloy that’s cool to the touch. The metal housing sits on top of a plastic shell to prevent damage to the switch underneath.


The ROG Gaming Keycap Set is made for gamers looking to tailor the feel of their keyboard for the best performance while also flying the flag for ROG. It’s compatible with Cherry MX mechanical switches and comes with a keycap puller for removing your existing keycaps. The ROG Gaming Keycap Set will be on sale in February. Check with your local ROG representative for details on availability in your region.

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Articles: Keyboards & Mice
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