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ASUS Announces MG248Q, MG28UQ and MG24UQ Gaming Monitors

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It is the dawn of 4K and the clear line between consoles and PCs is becoming dusky, a new series of ASUS MG gaming monitors is here to satisfy the new age of gaming. Three of the latest displays are here for your viewing pleasure - a 28-inch and two 24-inch displays. Each offer Adaptive-Sync Technology to help eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates to make silky-smooth gameplay possible.

All three feature GamePlus for in-game enhancements such as the crosshair overlay and FPS (frame per second) counter, GameVisual technology for six preset display modes catered to different game genres such as FPS (first-person shooter) and RTS/RPG (real-time strategy / role-playing game), while App Sync can be customized so games will activate a specific GameVisual mode automatically.  A new DisplayWidget can now help you configure GameVisual, App Sync and Ultra-Low Blue Light technologies all in one place, quickly and easily.

MG28UQ and MG24UQ are 4K/Ultra HD displays with a resolution of 3840 X 2160, giving you a richer and more detailed gaming experience than ever, while providing superior productivity without a multi-display setup when you're taking a time out from exploring new worlds or performing a bulletic dance. MG28UQ (pictured below) has a high pixel density of 157ppi (pixels per inch) and offers 1ms response time for fast-paced games. For connectivity, you can hook it up using DisplayPort 1.2 (one), HDMI 2.0 (one), or HDMI 1.4 (two ports). Two quick-charge compatible USB 3.0 ports are also available.

MG24UQ is a compact version of the MG28UQ, except this utilizes an IPS panel for wide viewing angles (178°) as well as visuals with minimal distortion and color shift. Naturally, the pixel density of 186ppi is even higher than the MG28UQ since this also has 4K resolution. 

Consoles are created to have a long shelf life, and at this point in time, it wouldn't make sense to pair them with 4K displays. MG248Q is a Full-HD (1920 X 1080) monitor that can save you the cash you would otherwise spend on a TV, you probably won't need all those extra features when you just need it to game, you may not even need a TV at all. To get the most out of an MG248Q, you can hook up your console as well as your PC which is capable of 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time goodness. The other good news to having the refresh rate capable of 120Hz+ is that you can be 3D-ready, the addition of an NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 kit means you can play hundreds of titles in 3D (such as Batman, Crysis and Dirt Rally).  High refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur (provided your system is up to spec), while Adaptive-Sync technology helps elimiate screen tearing and choppy frame rates, in other words - you can kick ass and see clearly how you did it. 

All three MG monitors have full tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment to help you get it exactly how you want it, and can be VESA wall-mounted for more desktop space.

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