Press Release: Republic of Gamers Announces Swift PG27UQ

Jan 05, 2017 Written by:ROG Article

You asked for it, and here it is - a 4K Ultra-HD G-SYNC gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate and HDR (High Dynamic Range)! This 27-inch IPS display is the next generation in gaming monitor technology to deliver super-fine detail, buttery-smooth gameplay and life-like colors. Based on the familiar award-winning design from PG348Q, ROG Swift PG27UQ carries on the tradition while taking performance to the next level.


4K Ultra-HD, G-SYNC and144Hz refresh rate

We've heard your requests from social media, that's why we're so excited to announce the very first monitor to run in 4K (3840 x 2160) and has a 144Hz refresh rate.  While PG348Q remains to be a top choice for a massive widescreen experience, with a QHD (3440X1440) resolution, G-SYNC and a 100Hz refresh rate it's far from being outdated. The Swift PG27UQ is for those who might find a 34" rather large or don't have the space for one, and is in search for the sharpest and fastest monitor possible. The resolution on the PG27UQ has been bumped up from QHD to UHD which increases the pixel count by 67%, and since PG27UQ has a higher resolution on a smaller screen, the dpi (dots/inch) is much higher which gives you that super-fine detail.

For fast-paced gaming, PG27UQ is even faster than the PG348Q, bumping the refresh rate up to 144Hz (compared to 100Hz). There is the great debate whether you can tell the difference between the two (some would even debate about the difference between 24Hz and 100Hz). At the end of the day, people who practice eventually get faster, and many of those people swear that they see the difference - so where do you want to set your limit?

G-SYNC is becoming a must-have to eliminate lag, stuttering and tearing in games, paired G-SYNC with a fast refresh rate and you might be able to shoot down your enemy's bullet in mid-flight... maybe. 

High Dynamic Range and Quantum Dot technologies

What also makes this a next-level gaming product is the introduction of NVIDIA G-SYNC High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology in tantem with Quantum-dot technology. PG27UQ is only one of two monitors currently available with G-SYNC HDR.

HDR pertains to the luminance in an image which ideally would be exactly what the human eye can see, to achieve this requires a wider color range and peak brightness to be serveral times brighter than your average display. PG27UQ offer 1,000cd/m² peak brightness. Actually HDR rendering has been around for a long time so it is about time we have it on monitors. The NVIDIA 900-series and the latest 10-series support HDR display output. Similar to the principle of how plasma TVs get rich colors while keeping dark areas as black as possible, the LED backlight on the PG27UQ is dynamically controlled across 384 zones, meaning the areas which are meant to be dark gets dimmed as much and as accurately as possible.

Quantum-dot technology provides brighter images and supports the cinema-standard DCI-P3 color gamut (25%-wider color range than sRGB) to make the colors more realistic than ever.

ROG Swift PG27UQ uses IPS (In-plane switching) technology for wide-viewing angles with no color shift so your friends next to you don't need to be sitting right in front of the monitor to watch you enter beast-mode in all its glory.

There are two DisplayPort 1.4 and an HDMI port for native 4K.


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