People often question the need for a discrete sound card, especially when onboard solutions for ASUS have become so good.   ASUS just announced Strix Raid DLX, Strix Raid Pro, and Strix Soar, the new range of discrete gaming sound cards which deliver 192kHz/24-bit audio high-definition audio, 7.1-channel surround-sound, and Perfect Voice noise-cancellation technology.   But what does that mean to you?

First and foremost needless to say is sound quality, audiophiles demand ultra high-end audio equipment for a reason (so you would think), as well as having bragging rights there must be more to the story.  Why would a sane person pay for a single amplifier or a pair of speakers which costs more than your whole PC setup or sometimes a car when there are great sound systems for a couple of hundred dollars?  OK, that's pretty hardcore.  But as some experts would put it, there are nuances you never knew existed; even if you have heard the same song a million times before.  

Strix Raid DLX (Deluxe) is built with high-end components and features an ESS SABRE9016 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) which is the world's highest performance 32-bit and 24-bit audio DAC for an amazing 124dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).  Strix Raid Pro and Strix Soar come with the exceptional ESS SABRE9006A DAC.  This is precisely why you should have 0dB fan technology in your graphics card!  All three cards have a powerful built-in 600-ohm headphone amplifier to drive even large headphones with ease.  You can connect up to 7 speakers and a subwoofer (the 0.1 - because it's omnidirectional) for true 7.1 discrete-channel surround sound.

Secondly, this is the Strix range of sound cards meaning that there are gaming optimizations to give you the edge, such as audio adjustments customized for your genre of games, Perfect Voice Control to reduce background noise when communicating with teammates, or you simply want ear-thumping bass because you love it.

Lastly, Raid DLX and PRO provide an audio station where you can have fine-control over the sound without the need to look away from your game, it is large enough for you to find in the dark (the LED display really helps too).  

Strix Raid DLX 7.1

Strix Raid DLX_7.1 PCIe gaming sound card set

Strix Raid PRO 7.1

Strix Raid Pro_7.1 PCIe gaming sound card set

Strix Soar 7.1

Strix Soar_7.1 PCIe gaming sound card

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