Vulcan PRO And Xonar Phoebus Bundled With Assassins Creed 3!

Apr 06, 2013 Written by:ROG Article

If you live in the Asia-Pacific region and have been eyeing up either a Vulcan PRO headset or a Xonar Phoebus sound card recently, well, we might have something to sweeten the deal!

Both the Vulcan Pro and the Xonar Phoebus are now bundled with a copy of the brilliant Assassins Creed 3, by Ubisoft. So, now you can test your new sound setup in the latest triple-A title.

Vulcan PRO ubisoft_box & product

Whether you chose the Xonar or the Vulcan, your ears will thank you.

Xonar Phoebus ubisoft_box&productIf you're planning a Xonar or Vulcan upgrade, let us know in the forums!