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Fallout 4: Don't Just Play it, Live it!

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For some, Fallout 4 is about completing quests, for some, about exploring the inhospitable post-apocalyptic world as a sole survivor, and for others it's about testing, scraping, storing and building cool stuff.

Fallout 4 fans have already demonstrated their creativity all over the internet by finding smart hacks, revealing some unknown features and even going full Michael Jordan playing improvised basketball on the deserted streets of Boston. Users branded it Ballout, and this awkwardly-placed game is a ton of fun, especially if you are good at calculating trajectories and aiming your guns. If you curious to see how this one looks, check it out:

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If you are more into checkers than playing actual sports? See how those cute teddies do it:

Teddy Checkers


Party in Real Life

Dedicated fans are always eager to transfer some of their favorite moments from the game to the real life and Fallout 4 has one strikingly creative bunch of folks. They have been adjusting in-game sights for special occasions and even everyday use. Here are some examples. A Vault door as a decoration for your living room wall? Sure! One handy dad did it himself for his lucky kids’ Halloween party. Good job mister Dad!

Vault door Source: ""jHYPERLINK ""pg

Some also went into ultimate Fallout 4 fan mode creating a Thanksgiving and birthday party involving themed swag, snacks and this incredible nuclear explosion Mushroom Cloud double-decker cake, looks scrumptious: 

Thanksgiving Birthday

If you are wondering what kind of accessories would suit the apocalypse perfectly, here is a tip for the ladies: Get your chic geek girl look on with flawless Fallout 4 inspired manicure (ok guys, we won't hold it against you if you want them too)!

Fallout-4-manicure Source:

Blinking and Colorful Individuality

In addition to the aforementioned cake, trying out your accuracy in Ballout or placing Teddy Bears in weird places, we want to present another Fallout 4 hype that spread like wildfire. The Billboard Craze. From the lightboxes you could create LED lights, which soon turned into gigantic billboards, flushing enormous amounts of your energy to waste. Some look darn impressive!

Fallout 4 Animated Vault-Boy Lightbox Billboard by Hamish MacDonald

You have to give it a try. The results can help you reveal your personality, hobbies and idols in-game. You can tell everyone your life credo, like this one:

YOLO submitted by nuteee Source:

Or show your love towards the timeless original Super Mario:

Super Mario by taylortob Source:

Or invest hours of work into somebody like this awesome Mega Man, whose animation works when the button is pressed:

Shooter Steam content Source: (© by Dirkalurkastan)

Do you still remember this little guy from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap? Say hi to Link!


Lastly, you can also create a disco atmosphere at your settlement:

Disco Lights Source:

Quick tip: If you are already doing this, you might need a colossal power supply, so make some room for dozens of generators. You can also use the hack mod made by some smart guys to make your vanilla generators just explode (not literally) with extra power: 

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