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Take Online-Gaming to the Next Level With WTFast Gamers Private Network

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For the first time, the latest ASUS gaming routers RT-AC5300 and RT-AC88U are able to do what no router before could - have power over the performance outside of your private network! While these routers are extremely fast (in fact, RT-AC5300 is currently the world's fastest) which already make them top choices for gamers, on top of that, they feature Gamer Private Network (GPN) powered by WTFastWTFast is a portal which allows gamers to maximize online-gaming performance, a special version of their software is provided exclusively for gaming routers such as these, including support for popular online games and e-mail technical support! WTFast is also planning to make special releases and exclusive offers to users with these gaming routers! 

WTFast Router UI 1 You can access the controls for WTFast GPN through the router UI or the new ASUS Router app on Android!

In addition to WTFast for boosting gaming performance outside your private network, there are two other exclusive features to work in tandem; LAN Boost - Game First Mode to optimize performance within your private network and AiProtection to provide secure protection from within your router, which means you can safely turn off the protection on your PC to maximize performance on the client. If you enable Game Boost, it will enable all three of these features for simplicity and convenience (so leave it on). This is true end-to-end online-gaming performance optimization! 

ASUS Router App

You have access to the controls from within the router user interface (UI) or through the new ASUS Router app available from the Google Play Store on your phone!  From the app your can also monitor the performance in real-time! 

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What is WTFast?

Obviously, the name makes you want to question in a very boggling manner, perhaps the aim is to have you find such extreme performance boggling. WTFast is the Gamers Private Network (GPN) founded in 2009 by a group of MMO gamers and technology professionals. WTFast serves 800 million users globally! WTFast is like an army of IT specialists based all around the globe in virtually every country with one purpose - rock your gaming world by working together endlessly to optimize your game connection from end to end. WTFast reports precise connection info for your online games, so you can see exactly what is happening with your game connection.

How does WTFast work?

Simply put, WTFast is much like traveling to a distant planet and back again with a good map of all galaxies, and warp speed at your disposal (instead of stopping at every planet in-between and perhaps taking the long route or getting lost). Here is a video to explain it further:

Supported Games

Most popular online-games such as these are supported. 

- LOL (League of Legends)

- Diablo 3

- WOT (World of Tanks)

- CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

- WOW (World of Warcraft)

- Dota 2

Supported game list syncs with the WTFast Server, so once new games are supported, the router firmware doesn't need to be updated every time. Support for popular console games will be coming soon next year in 2016!

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