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Discover The Benefits Of Fan Xpert+

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Word of mouth about installing bundled software might have used to say it's a thing to avoid, and we'll admit, it doesn't have the best history of value-add, however, ASUS is seriously attempting to buck the trend. If you've not at least tried the latest edition of AI Suite II yet, please do, and see if it changes your mind.

Within the suite there are several modules that do different functions. The module we'll be guiding you through in this guide is Fan Xpert+; a complete, system-wide tool for customizing your fan control. It basically means you can throw out your 5.25in fan controller, as the software allows you to not only calibrate, but customize the performance:noise ratio of your entire case fan setup. We'll be using the Maximus IV GENE-Z in the guide, but it also applies to the Maximus IV Extreme, Extreme-Z, GENE-Z/Gen3 and entire Rampage IV series as well.

Using Fan Xpert+

OK the basics. Download and install the version of AI Suite II with the latest Fan Xpert. Here I'm using 1.01.01.

NOTE: You can mix and match AI Suite II versions - the software will auto-detect the components and only update the latest version if you choose it.

NOTE:  AI Suite II for ROG motherboards is DIFFERENT to standard P8/P9 series motherboards. It includes an upgraded DIGI+ VRM control module specifically for the Extreme Engine II, so you should source the AI Suite II file from your motherboards product page. If you really don't need some of the modules, deselect them to save a bit of disk space.

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After rebooting, open AI Suite II and you'll be presented with this slim bar:

Click Tools and Select Fan Xpert. This will load the main screen:


You can select a specific fan from the Fan Name drop-down menu, and one of the pre-settings from the Setting menu to its right. On the right-hand side is the Fan Xpert and Settings tab. First select the Fan Xpert tab and click Test. This will calibrate your fan according to its specific parameters.


NOTE: With Fan Xpert and Fan Xpert+, calibration currently only works with 4-pin PWM fans currently, however with the upcoming Fan Xpert II this will enable the use of 3-pin fans as well. Even if you don't do calibration, you can still take advantage of the custom fan settings.

Select User from the Setting menu and you'll get the ability to customize the fan speed-to-temperature scaling curve:


The yellow dot represents my current setting, which as you can see is running at full throttle to generate a chilly 22ºC. Obviously for home use that's generating excessive noise for the given idle temp, so we can customize the curve to slow it down at lower temperatures to cut the noise, then gradually rising as the temp does:


Click apply and tweak all your fans, then test it out with some gaming or benchmarks to measure the temperature rise versus noise using the sensor recorder module of AI Suite II:


Let us know how you get on, in the forums!

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