Hands On: USB Spitfire Audio Dongle For Vulcan Pro & Orion Pro

Sep 14, 2012 Written by:ROG Article

Exclusively bundled with the new Vulcan Pro and upcoming Orion Pro headset is the Spitfire USB audio dongle. While the headsets themselves can plug straight into 3.5mm audio jacks on your PC or notebook, the USB audio dongle adds an interim audio processor with three buttons to enable its headphone amplifier, 7.1 virtualized surround and 'FPS Mode' tweaked audio. spitfire-usb-1 The Spitfire has two 3.5mm audio sockets the headset plugs into. This means you don't have to use it all the time, even if you still want to use your Vulcan's or Orion's. The other advantage is that these are standard sockets, so you can plug the Spirfire into any headset that uses 3.5mm stereo plugs! spitfire-usb-2 The fact it's USB means you bypass the internal audio on your motherboard or notebook. This can be a real boost for those with basic audio, or if you're gaming on a pre-built LAN system, in an internet cafe or a tournament PC, for example, as the Spitfire is purely plug-in-and-play; requiring no extra driver install. spitfire-usb-3 spitfire in hand The headphone amp, 7.1 virtual surround and 'FPS Mode' can be triggers by simply pressing the separate buttons, with a red backlight glowing as indication to which is turned on. spitfire backlight The new Vulcan Pro and upcoming Orion Pro both come bundled with the Spitfire.