Overwolf App Challenge

If you want a new type of challenge, here it is.

ASUS has partnered up with NVIDIA and Overwolf to bring you an exciting new type of challenge, it's something you don't see very often, it's an App challenge!  The objective of this app challenge is quite straight forward, you need to use Overwolf to create an app to capture, edit, share, and glorify the epic moments in gaming.  With over $65,000 USD worth of prizes, that's more than enough incentive to put your best foot forward and test your might. 

Below is a description of the prize distribution:

  • Nine different category first place cash prizes good for $4,000 USD per winner, and $1,000 for each runner up.
  • Each first place winner will also receive a NVIDIA GTX 980Ti and NVIDIA Shield Pro, and first place winners in the ROG category will also win an ASUS G-SYNC monitor
  • All runners up will receive a NVIDIA Shield Console
  • All qualified app entries will receive an Overwolf mousepad and T-shirt

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  • Challenge has started - Get into it!
  • Nov. 12th - First Draft
  • Nov. 29th - Challenge Ends
  • Dec. 20th - Winners Announced


What is Overwolf?

In simple terms, it's really no different than programming your own app, but everything is much easier when you use a powerful developer app like Overwolf to create your own personalized overlay app.  Overwolf allows a developer to create extensions for games so it can make life easier for gamers, extensions such as in-game web browsers and personalized instant messengers can be created with Overwolf.  You might have already thought about this, native extensions for games are normally detected as cheats and normally result in a permanent ban, however you won't need to worry about app extensions created through Overwolf as that is omitted by games as it doesn't interact directly with the game engine, and operates exclusively through the Overwolf software as an in-game overlay.

"Gamers around the world are recording their games and experiences every day, and we want to bring them the best tools they can get. Partnering with NVIDIA, there is no better way to bring powerful, new, and innovative recording tools. With our new Overwolf Media API that allows developers to create apps like our Replay HUD (an instant video recap that can recognize deaths and replay them), we call upon developers to design new ways to record games and create content. We expect to see a variety of great content such as kill highlights and automatic video creations" said Uri Marchand, CEO at Overwolf. "We're excited to partner up with NVIDIA and bring this level of quality to gamers. We aim to better the quality of life for gamers everywhere through our overlay and apps."


Bundled with ROG

The Overwolf utility will be bundled with all ROG Maximus VIII series motherboards, the current available models are: Maximus VIII Hero, Maximus VIII Gene, and Maximus VIII Ranger.


Two New Awesome Overwolf ROG Skins Now Available for Download!

Here's some eye candy for you while you work on your app on Overwolf, download them at the Overwolf app store.

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Here is the event site!  What are you waiting for?