Mar 24, 2016 Written by: MasterC

HardOCP Gives ROG Maximus VIII Formula Editor's Choice Gold Award

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After HardOCP did a thorough inspection, an Editor's Choice Gold Award was bestowed upon the ROG Maximus VIII Formula! With an EK hybrid air and liquid cooling waterblock, full armor front and back, Aura RGB lighting, and a feature list so long it's not funny, it's nice to see all the hard work ROG engineers have put in didn't go unnoticed.

"Great to excellent overclocking on ROG motherboards is simply an expectation. The ROG motherboards have moved beyond only great overclocking performance and now are more about features and styling than anything else. If you do not want to show off this Maximus VIII Formula motherboard in a system with at least a minimal side window, you are not getting the full value of the motherboard. If you are not somewhat of a PC audiophile, you are not getting the full value of this motherboard. If you are not about CPU overclocking and big RAM speeds, you are not getting the full value of this motherboard. The same can be said for the plethora of storage attachment options as well, and the list goes on. Just look at the work that has gone into these MOSFET coolers that are on this motherboard! ASUS even went out of its way to camouflage the attachment points so if you are not going to water cool the motherboard, you do not have two hose barbs or nipples sticking up like we have seen in the past. The attention to detail on these ROG motherboards is simply second to none."


For full specs and other info, click here. If you missed the official video in glorious 4K, here you go:

Article Tags: Hands On
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