EK Water Blocks releases Maximus IV Gene and Hero EK-SB ASUS M6G

Nov 24, 2013 Written by:ROG Article

EK Water Blocks has released yet more water block for ROG's Maximus VI series: this time the Maximus VI Gene and Maximus VI Hero motherboards. Featuring high flow designs as well as a rather unique look, the new EK-SB ASUS M6G is designed for the Z87 PCH on both boards! The EK-SB ASUS M6G fits Gene out-of-the-box, while the Hero it requires re-fitting of the standoffs to alternative mounting holes via supplied mini-wrench.

The high flow design allows it to be used quieter and less powerful water pumps, and will be available in both standard Nickel as well as the Acetal+Nickel version with clear top.

EK Water Blocks also offers the EK-MOSFET ASUS M6G series water blocks for the VRM area on same two motherboards, and will sell it together with the EK-SB ASUS M6G as a Full-Board Kit (FB KIT). According to EK Water Blocks, the new EK-SB ASUS M6G is already available at EK Web Shop or via its partner reseller network with a suggested price set at €24,95 for both versions.