May 10, 2014 Written by: MarshallR

Front Base Upgrade Guide For Maximus VII Motherboard Owners

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Are you an ROG Front Base owner who just upgraded to a Maximus VII motherboard (Z97), or, if you bought a Front Base shortly after the Z97 launch you'll very likely need to update its firmware. You can tell because it is missing a sticker behind the LCD panel: fb-update-no-sticker If you DO have a sticker - you're fully compatible! Plug in right now and enjoy!

How to update your ROG Front Base to support Maximus VII motherboards

1) Dig out the USB Q-Connectors from your motherboard box: q-connector 2) Plug it into the Front Base cable as shown below. 3) Install the Front Base into your PC 5.25 inch bay and wire up the SATA power cable. 4) Then plug the Front Base cable with Q-Connector into any USB 2.0 pin-out on the motherboard. front-base-cable-q-connector-motherboard 5) Turn on your PC. 6) Download these update packages from the Front Base web page:
  • ROG Front Base FW Update V1.0.3.3 for Windows 7/8/8.1 32bit & 64bit.
  • ROG Front Base Firmware V36
7) Follow the steps to complete the firmware update.
  1. Open the FW update tool
  2. Choose the “WB035v35.h00” file where you extracted the three files
  3. Press Start
  4. When finished, it will show “ROG Front Base update –Pass”
  5. Turn off the system and remove the AC power for at least 5 seconds
8) Remove the Q-Connector from the Front Base cable, returning it to the ROG-EXT connector on the motherboard. Now use your PC with Front Base as normal!
Articles: Motherboards Guides
Article Tags: Guides
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